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Hanshi Steve Arneil (10th Dan) 

Title: Hanshi Steve Arneil (10th Dan) 

Hanshi Steve Arneil was born in South Africa in 1934. At the age of seventeen he became a black belt in Judo, as well as being reasonably versed in both Kenpo and Karate. In 1962 he travelled to Japan to study karate under Kancho Mas Oyama. By the time he left Japan in 1965, he had gained the rank of 3rd dan and had been the first person to complete the 100 man kumite after Mas Oyama. Steve Arneil was "adopted" by Mas Oyama, in order to allow Steve to marry a Japanese woman.



Title: LIAM KEAVENEY (D7)  (D7)
Shihan Liam Keaveney began training in 1973 at Stratford Dojo and became a member of Harringay Dojo in 1977. He started his own dojo, Kokoro, in 1994. A BKK Executive Committee member since 1979 - he is currently the BKK Chairman as well as being the IFK Secretary General and President of the Irish Karate Kyokushinkai. Shihan Liam successfully completed the 30-man kumite test in 1980. He was awarded 5th Dan in 1997; 6th Dan in 2005; and 7th Dan in 2012 



Shihan Alex Kerrigan is the longest serving BKK 7th Dan. He began his career with the BKK in 1971 (as a 2nd Dan in Wado Ryu). He did however begin his Martial Arts training in 1961 studying Judo. Through the `980's he served on the BKK Executive Committee. Shihan Alex has a high technical standard and ability in all aspects of Kyokushin and is a karateka of high International reputation at many levels. He is currently the BKK and IFK Chief Referee for Knockdown. Shihan Alex was, for many years, the Chief Instructor at Oldham Dojo. He was awarded 5th Dan in 1992; 6th Dan in 2005; and 7th Dan in 2012


David Pickthall (6th Dan) 

Title: David Pickthall (6th Dan) 
Shihan David Pickthall began his training at Crawley Dojo in 1976 and continues his training there to this day. He is a gifted and talented all rounder in every discipline of Kyokushin karate something that is rarely seen. He is a respected International ambassador of karate that transcends style and political viewpoint. He is has travelled the world training and teaching as well as fighting in many full contact International tournaments not least the International Kyokushin Organisation (IKO) World Tournament in Tokyo. He was promoted to 5th Dan in 2001. Shihan David is fully involved at many levels of the BKK and is the BKK Kata Coach. Shihan Pickthall was graded 6th Dan in 2009.  

Nick Da Costa (6th Dan)  

Title: Nick Da Costa (6th Dan)  

Shihan Nick Da Costa is the Chief Instructor at both Docklands and Newbury Park. He joined the BKK in 1978 and began his early career at Millwall dojo on the "Isle of Dogs" under Sensei Bill Walsh & Glen Sharp and later at Bethnal Green Dojo. Shihan Nick is a talented fighter of some formidable ability. He represented the BKK at many International Tournaments (including the World Tournament in Tokyo and giving one of the most memorable fights against Okumura in 1987) during the 1980's and 1990's. During the 1980's he was, without doubt, the BKK's top middleweight fighter dominating this category. Shihan Nick successfully completed the 40-man kumite test in 1984. He is currently the BKK's British Knockdown Coach for both men and women, and is an active member of the BKK Executive Committee. Shihan Da Costa was graded 6th Dan in 2009.


Graham Warden (6th Dan) 

Title: Graham Warden (6th Dan) 

Shihan Graham Warden is the Chief Instructor of Bethnal Green Dojo. He began his training in 1974 at Stratford dojo and later under Billy Walsh at Bethnal Green. He is very committed and passionate about the BKK in the area of Knockdown fighting and tournament and has a clear vision and energetic drive that is reflected in his dojo and indeed the students that train with him. Shihan Graham represented the BKK at many levels (including the World Tournament in Japan in 1984) and was undisputedly a gritty and effective Knockdown competitor. He was promoted to 5th Dan in 2001. Until recently he was both Men's and Women's British Coach.


Maria Da Costa (5th Dan) 

Title: Maria Da Costa (5th Dan) 

Andrew Turner (5th Dan) 

Title: Andrew Turner (5th Dan) 

Stuart Wright (5th Dan) 

Title: Stuart Wright (5th Dan) 

Janine Davies (5th Dan) 

Title: Janine Davies (5th Dan) 

Raymond Bond (5th Dan) 

Title: Raymond Bond (5th Dan) 

Alan Davies (5th Dan) 

Title: Alan Davies (5th Dan) 

Terry Prescott (5th Dan) 

Title: Terry Prescott (5th Dan) 

Felix Ntumazah (5th Dan) 

Title: Felix Ntumazah (5th Dan) 

David Lund Regan (5th Dan) 

Title: David Lund Regan (5th Dan) 

Jeff Whybrow (5th Dan) 

Title: Jeff Whybrow (5th Dan) 

Shihan Jeff Whybrow started training in Karate in January 1970 aged eleven (11) years. After 4 years of training he graded to Shodan  in 1974 in Holland under at that time Shihan Steve Arneil, Shihan Tadashi Nakamura, Shihan Shigero Oyama.

He became one of the first BKK Grading Officers grading many of the current high grades and assisting Hanshi Steven Arneil teaching, demonstrating, and promoting Kyokushinkai Karate nationally and internationally. Shihan Jeff trained and taught Kyokushin all over the world and performed many notable demonstrations at the prestigious annual British National Knockdown Tournaments. Shihan Jeff fought in the 2nd IKO World Tournament as a member of the British team, and his fight against Shihan Yashiko’s student Chuck Chism from USA was the highlight of that tournament. Other memorable fights in his fighting career were against Bernard Creton and Dolph Lundgren at the British Nationals in 1979. Many of the demos and fights can be seen on YouTube. Shihan Jeff retired from teaching karate but still enjoys visiting dojos around the world and assisting in BKK tournaments when he is in the UK.


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